Wordsmiths Competition 2020

Now Closed
For Adjudication 


Dinner With Godot by Sarah Marzana
The Confirmation Hat by Peggy Dowling
Ghosts by Joyce Butler
Bottom Of The River by Karen Birdsell
Three Score Years And Ten by P. Byrne
Coffee by Lukas Adamsson 
Final Straw by Vanessa Cosby
Over There by Doaa Baker
Beauty Queen by Amelia Coulon 
Growing Up by Tina Sweeney
Zinaida by Ollie Matthews
Coog by Eddie Bakula
The Way You Look by Alex Matraxia
Players by Susanne Waldmann 
The Gold Box by M. McDonnell-Naughton
The Modern English Apeman by M. Martin
His Final Resting Place by S. Stedmond
Stargazing by S. Stedmond 
Buttons And Bones by H.S. Lyon
Like Normal People by Maureen Cullen
Nobody Knows How Much You Love Him and Cicadas by Dean Gessie
Father and Son by Han Yu
The Spanish Lady by Patrick O’Brien
How To Deal With A Dark Smoke Offence by Will Kemp
The Source by Michael Coleman 
Heart Attack by Tim Campbell 
Jackfruit and Jaggery by Dawn Sommerlad
Comrades by Steve Hedges
Breukelen by Amanda Cullen
Journey For A New Heart by Francis D’Arcy

A Great Divide by Joanne Gutknecht



We got prose, poetry, combinations, plays, short-stories, true stories, mini-anthologies, fairytales, confessions, philosophical tracts, artistic dreams and historical narration. 
They came in from the far corners of the world and Africa, Australia, Britain, France, India, Iraq, Ireland, Scandinavia and the USA are all well-represented to name a few. 
It’s time now for the judges to take over. 
We’ll be back soon to update you. 

All the best!

Rules for Submissions 

• Contestants may submit work in the English language (no other) on any subject and in any style, genre or presentation form

• Prose, poetry or a combination of the two are among the perfectly acceptable forms

• Work will be judged anonymously so the entrants name or details should not appear anywhere in the manuscript

• Entries are to contain a minimum of 1 word (no half words please) and there is no upper limit. Entries not adhering to this rule will be disqualified and contestants banned

• All entries must be submitted digitally to email address: bethestudent@icloud.com

• Entrants are asked to put ‘WORD 2020’ as the email subject and provide their FULL name, postal address, telephone number and brief bio (2-3 sentences) in the body of the email. Manuscript to be attached

• Clearly photographed handwritten work is acceptable (but no selfies please)

• The entry fee is £10 GBP. Please send via PayPal to bethestudent@icloud.com

• Deadline for submission is 15th Nov 2020

• Shortlisted contestants will be notified by 30th December and the winner will be announced by 1st February 2021

• All shortlisted entries will receive feedback

— — — —  and just in case — — — —

• By submitting you agree to all the rules

• Entry fees will be only be refunded for the winner. If the winning contestant has submitted more than one entry they will be refunded for all entries

• Excessively graphic or offensive content will result in the piece being disqualified

• The winning piece may be subject to minor editing or correction before publication on the webpage

• Rules are subject to change if necessary except one - you must be 18+ to enter
• Judges are considered capable of impartiality and contestants may not appeal their decisions (even if the same work has also been nominated for the Nobel Prize)


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